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The Snake Eater Tactical Rifle Plate Carrier is like nothing you have ever seen.  Our goal was to build the most light weight and adaptable carrier on the market.  With our patent pending “Grid” mounting system, the versatility of this plate carrier will be limited only by your imagination.  The S.E.T. Plate Carrier will accommodate Med, Large and XL SAPI, as well as the commercial 10 by 12 plates.


  • Mount any MOLLE pouch with 550 cord.
  • Pouches can me mounted vertical, horizontal, or at a 45.
  • Wear it slick for covert ops, or build it up to your mission requirement.
  • Accepts, Medium and Large Shooters cut SAPI plate.  Accepts 10 by 12″ Commercial Shooters cut plates.
  • Side straps can be removed and re-positioned for best fit. Two or more side straps can be used as a skelotonized cummerbund.
  • Removable and articulating shoulder straps.
  • Weight: 363 grams/12 oz




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