Snake Eater Tactical is focused on developing and manufacturing high quality and innovative products. We feel that gear design is as much art as it is science. Any gear with the Snake Eater name on it must meet the following criteria:

Made in America. Most of our gear is made in house. In instances where gear is contracted out, it will be made in America by top quality sewing contractors. This insures that our customers get high quality gear at a fair price.

Functional. Gear should work well and be easy to use.

Lightweight. Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain. We design our gear to be as trim and streamlined as possible. Unnecessary material or features are deleted during prototyping. In addition, we will always strive to use the lightest weight material possible, while still maintain durability.

Versatile. If your environment or your objective is constantly changing, your gear should be able to adapt. As we conceive and design a new piece of gear, we try to imagine different ways it can be used and roles it can fill. During the prototyping phase, we push it to its limit in durability and versatility. We then take what we learned to build an outstanding finished product….. We’ve Got You Covered!

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