Plate Carrier Side Strap Kit


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The Plate Carrier Side Strap is an adjustable and modular side attachment system for your S.E.T. Plate Carrier.  The forward end has channels sewn every 1.5″ and the rear end has channels sewn every 1″.  The forward end attaches with 1″ side release repair buckles.  Adjustments can be made by moving the repair buckle to the next channel.  The two side straps connect in the rear inside the carrier pouch via a G-Hooks that are sewn together with multiple layers of 1″ elastic.  This allows the Carrier to expand a little with your breathing.  The G-Hooks can be moved from channel to channel for further adjustment.  One size, sold as a set.

  • KIt includes (2) male and (2) female ITW repair buckles
  • G-Hook Expander panel
  • (2) 15″ side straps
  • (1) Front strap

Two side strap sets can be used in tandem to create a skeletonized MOLLE system.



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