Cobra Riggers Belt 1.5″

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Current lead time on EDC belts is 4-8 weeks.

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Waist size is the actual measurement around your belt loops, not pant size. Pant size varies and can be several inches different than the actual circumference of your waist. Measure your waist around your belt loops and order that size, we will take it from there.  For IWB carry, measure with AND without your gun and magazines. We recommend splitting the difference or ordering the larger size. 

These belts are made with a short tail to maximize area usable for gear. Therefore, the amount of adjustment is approximately 2″ down and 2″ up from the size you order.  If you plan to use this belt with a padded belt system, please measure through the padded belt while wearing it over any other belts or gear you plan to be using it with, then order that size.

The Riggers Belt:

The Riggers belt has come a long way since they were first made from surplus parachute hardware in military paralofts. At Snake Eater Tactical, we look at the belt as the foundation of every man-of-action’s kit. You put it on with your pants in the morning and it is with you everywhere you go. The belt is what you attach your pistol and spare ammo to. It also carries your knives, multitools, lights, and any other gear you may need at a moments notice, on a daily basis. Our philosophy is that a man-of-action’s belt should be as strong, comfortable and durable as possible. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with it looking good!

The S.E.T. Cobra Riggers Belts:

Our Cobra Riggers belt follows in the tradition of the original riggers belts, but with updates in hardware and refinements in style. First,we use the Austrialpin Cobra buckle exclusively. This is simply the best buckle money can buy. It is extremely strong with a 4000 lb breaking strength, and it will not open when under load, making it very safe. It is made from Aluminum so it is light weight and will not rust. Second, we have eliminated all unnecessary hardware, such as the steel V-Ring that early riggers belts featured. This eliminates weight and clutter from the belt. Instead, our belts feature a 2″ opening next to the buckle in the event the user needs to clip into an anchor. Third, we add style. There is nothing wrong with looking good. We add a touch of class to our belts with various decorative stitch patterns. These patterns not only set our belts apart from all of the mass produced riggers belts on the market, but add rigidity to the belt without affecting flexibility or comfort.


  • Two layers of firm weave 1.5″ Dive belt webbing.  These belts are very stiff!
  • Austriaplin Cobra Buckle
  • 5″ adjustment range. 2″ down and 3″ up from the size ordered.  If you carry IWB, add 1″.
  • Short tail doesn’t interfere with pistol holsters.  A removable 1.5″ elastic keeper keeps the tail secure.
  • Webbing colors are: Black with Black anodized Cobra Buckle, Coyote with Elephant Grey powder coated buckle, and Wolf with Wolf Grey powder coated buckle.  (To change the color of the buckle, or to upgrade to a Cobra D-Ring, see the Cobra Buckle Upgrades Page)

WARNING: These belts are extremely strong, and we periodically test our belts for strength, but they are not certified or intended for life safety. The user assumes all liability resulting from the use or misuse of these belts. Snake Eater Tactical intends for these belts to be used for holding up pants and personal gear, not human being.

These Cobra riggers belts currently ship in 4 to 6 weeks.

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6 reviews for Cobra Riggers Belt 1.5″

  1. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these to replace an aging leather belt, and have been using it everyday for about 2 months now to carry a Springfield XDS IWB style. The item arrived ahead of schedule, and included a nice compression loop for storage.

    Construction is solid, with sturdy stitching and no frills to worry about. The elastic retaining loop for tucking the working end of the belt is a nice touch and will be easily replaceable when the time comes, unlike the velcro straps sewn onto some belts.

    The belt has a good level of stiffness, not floppy and not too stiff. Cobra buckle is great and always feels solid. Comfort is greatly improved over the leather belt, as well as holster retention. Do note that it can take some time to figure out the right level of tension for this belt. I initially set it up to duplicate my leather belt, but experienced lots of discomfort from the bottom of the belt digging into my hip bones. Once I figured out the proper adjustment point, comfort drastically improved.

    Thanks for a great product

  2. Scott

    Received the belts. (Spaghetti Western) All I can say is PERFECTION! You are a true craftsman. It sure is nice to have a custom made belt to your specific size. Instead of buying something off the rack that you have to make do with. I will be getting back to you soon with an order for the battle belt. Thanks for the stickers and the business cards. Love the Logo!



  3. Jv5t1n1911 (verified owner)

    This is a really great belt all around. I bought the gray 1.5 inch cobra with diamond stitching. My intent was to use this belt primarily as my EDC gun belt for concealed carry in civilian clothes. The belt’s looks and performance greatly exceeded my expectations. It’s just the right rigidity for comfortable EDC concealed carry and looks great with jeans or tactical pants.

    The sizing instructions served me well and I’m glad I took the time to follow them. I like that this belt doesn’t use any Velcro and is fairly low profile for a gun belt. It doesn’t scream “I’m carrying a gun”


    Simple review, awesome belt, have had it for about a year now. I’ve worn it every single day since I’ve gotten it. Great craftsmanship, simple low profile design that I love. Very comfortable with just the perfect amount of stiffness. Very good quality product, I expect it to hold up forever. Will definitely be doing more business here real soon.

  5. Joseph Jasuirkowski (verified owner)

    I just got mine in today very very high quality love it so far.

  6. Brook Willis (verified owner)

    Made by hands of a true craftsman! I’ve bought and tried a lot of different webbed belts this is by far the most comfortable I’ve worn. The belt not having Velcro gives it the feel of a leather belt. The keeper keeps the belt tucked tight and hasn’t slipped or fallen out.

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