Dual IWB Mag Pouch


Dual Inside Waistband Magazine pouch.  Covertly carry two spare mags or other similar sized equipment.

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Double down on your spare mags!  Or carry a RATS TQ or a flash light.  The Dual IWB Pouch is designed for any double stack pistol mag as well as single stacks.

  • Special V shaped stitch is sewn in to separate the mags.  This helps get a positive grip on your mag during high stress reloads.  It also keeps the mags from clanking together if your a using extended base plates.
  • The Dual IWB can be configured for OWB carry as well.
  • Magazines can be inserted at different heights to better fit your body.
  • 4 Velcro Onewrap belt loops are included.


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