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Add hook or loop velcro to the inside or outside of your belt.  More details below.

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If you would like to add velcro to your belt in order to interface with an inner belt or padded war belt, this is where you can select it.  We will use velcro of the same color as the webbing.  If you are using this belt on top of another belt, you MUST measure your waist while wearing the inner belt because it will add several inches to the measurement.  We are no longer adding velcro on the tail.  Using our velcro-less system makes the belt much more adjustable and easier to use.

If you are adding velcro to the INSIDE of your belt, please add 1 inch to the belt size to account for the extra material.  


Warning!  Once you customize a belt, we will not accept returns if it does not fit.  To get a proper fit you must measure your actual waist around your belt loops.  Pant size will not work.  If you are using your belt with a padded belt, you must measure through the padded belt, on top of your normal pant belt.  


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